The Photomedics BlueLight was created in part based on the Photomedics’ wellness platform, which is grounded in science developed at The Forsyth Institute, an affiliate of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. Here's how the device works: 


Turn it on using the bite switch.

Our BlueLight device is an intra-oral light device – that means you put it in your mouth – with antibacterial action that exposes the mouth to Blue Light homogeneously.


Close your mouth for 1 minute.

Our BlueLight device should be used concisely in the daily routine for 1 minute, twice a day.


You're done, so take it out. Use it twice a day, and every time you feel you need it.

The cumulative action of our BlueLight selectively kills the pathogenic bacteria, guaranteeing their continuous suppression and promoting a healthy balance of the microbiome.